Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Adventures of Jo

Here's our little Jo on Tuesday. She's so proud of herself. She's just walked about 10 steps from the living room into the office to show me the remote. She took 2 or 3 more steps to me then stumbled and hit her chin on my knee and bit her lip.

Here she is yesterday, very impressed with herself for standing on the stool and being able to see all the cool things she rarely gets to see.

"I wonder if I can use these handles to climb higher..."

"Guess not. What's on Mom's desk?"

Here's a close up so you can see the "moisture" on her face. This is after she fell off the stool, cried some, then climbed back up. (No. She did not fall toward the desk and its glass top)

"Yeah. I fell. But, that's no reason to stop!" (Note the slightly darker red spot in the middle of her bottom lip where she bit it the day before.)


Mary Beth said...

okay, this is going to sound nuts, that first picture? She looks just like you.

Anonymous said...

Does the Mr know she's so attached to the remote?! I love that she has it both days - maybe she needed you to change the channel for her?!

The Bennights said...

E is the same way with the remote. She believes she has a right to it regardless of who is watching TV.

I LOVE the outfit in the second pics :) If you find anyway to keep her from climbing, clue me in too please!