Monday, January 19, 2009

The Girl Loves to Color ... Herself

Since it was the third or fourth time she's done this today, I decided it was time for some pictures.

While I AM considering another tattoo, I will never tattoo my hands. With Jo, it's just a starting point.

So excited about her "secret."

Show me your hands.

The girl is definitely a lefty - hence the right hand having so much more color on it.

"Oh....I love life."

"Aren't I cute?"

The upside is that these are, of course, washable markers. That's also a downside when your daughter sucks her finger and thumb....And has a snotty nose...


ElastiGirl said...

she's looking much more girlish in these pics - where's our baby?? she is too beautiful - what a glorious smile!

Molly said...

She is absolutely adorable and her hair grew long since your last post !!!!