Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Well, Easter came...and so did the rain. We didn't have our Easter egg hunt at church, but rescheduled it for this Sunday.

We did, however, take a few pics of the girls in the house in their Easter dresses.

Maybe next week the sun will be out and we'll get more pictures. The girls may not make it to the hunt, but they can wear their dresses to my niece's confirmation.


Molly said...

OMG they are so pretty !! And look at Josie's hair, just adorable ! We are getting our LID in April and I cannot wait for my own long hair girl to join our family one day. Happy Easter !!

Mary Beth said...

So I was in Arizona on Sunday but heard reports of rain here. Did the Egg Hunt actually happen?

My word verification is "corked." I think we need an UNCORKED evening. Miss you!