Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Phoebe's Idea of Heaven?

May 3, 7 months after the exhibit opened, we finally made it to see King Tut. The exhibit closes on May 17.

Last year, in first grade, Phoebe studied ancient Egypt and King Tut so she's been wanting to go to the museum since before the show opened.

I have to say I set myself up to be disappointed. A friend who went a month ago told me that the mummy isn't in the exhibit (which makes sense) and that the death mask in all the ads (yes, that one Phoebe is standing next to above) isn't in the exhibit. What could that possibly leave?!

A silly question, of course. Phoebe even took a spiral notebook to draw and write in as we walked through. I must say, that was a proud mama moment.

Jo...is 2. So she enjoyed it as much as you may expect. Allen was quite the dad and kept Jo moving in the stroller while Phoebe and I went at a more leisurely pace.

It was a great experience. It made me want to renew that museum membership we got at this time last year, even though this was the first time we used it!

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Anonymous said...

we haven't made it yet & are not likely to this week... oh well. good intentions and all that...