Thursday, August 20, 2009

Too Long with No Pictures?



Phoebe and I decide to take a short break from homeschool. While walking through the living room, I notice what looks like black marker on the floor.

I reach down to touch it. It isn't marker. It's fuzzy.
What is it?

Then I turn and my heart stops for MANY reasons:

Guess we need to find an even better place to for those scissors.

It could have been SO much worse. Even when you don't consider the danger of the scissors, it could have been much worse. It looks short on the right, but don't worry, she didn't cut off her long hair in the back.

Luckily (Thank You God) earlier we had put her hair into a ponytail and then clipped the ponytail to the top of her head so that the bottom end of the ponytail was sticking straight out over her forehead.

SO, she got her bangs and a little snip of the pony (which explains the shortness on that little part in the picture). Her bangs were quite thin and wispy, but still.

She's a fun one.