Monday, October 15, 2007

One Small Step

It has happened. And there are no pictures. Sorry.

Friday night, Little Miss J took her first unassisted steps. This story really has two tidbits of information. Apparently Josie is going to be quiet the girly girl. And girly things are very motivating for her.

Friday night we were all sitting on the couch. My friend Sue, and her daughter Audrey, and Sue's friend Cheryl, were here. The couch is a sectional, so it's shaped like an L. We had the ottoman pushed up into the corner of the L and Josie was crawling around on the large cushy space this made. She found one of her sister's headbands and HAD to have it on her head. I put it onto her head and she smiled and hit herself on the head and crawled over toward Sue and stood up beside her on the couch. I reached over and took the headband off of Jo's head an put it onto mine. She laughed and then took a step toward me reaching for the headband.

Hmmmm. "Could be on to something," Sue said. So, we repeated this process several times. Each time Jo took from 1 to 3 steps toward me while standing on the couch without holding on to anything.

In my mind, it seems like if she can walk on a less than stable surface like a squishy couch, the wood floor shouldn't be a problem. She has yet to be so brave on the floor.

I will try to get pictures next time this happens. We were all so in awe that we didn't grab a camera. We didn't want to mess up the scene lest she decide she didn't want to do it anymore.

Hmm. I may need to shop for shoes....


Anonymous said...

wow - if a headband is motivating for a few steps, new sparkly shoes might have her off and running... and you life? well...

Mary Beth said...