Monday, October 01, 2007

The Gap Between Posts

You may be wondering why there have been so few posts lately. Why no cute pics of the girls? Well the answer is over there on the left, just under the "About Me" section.

Around about the time we got our referral of Jo in March, I kinda lost any time I previously had to make jewelry. Well, a couple of weeks ago, my friend Sue told me about this site called Etsy. Now I'm in trouble. It's pretty addictive, but it has gotten me back into making jewelry. I have a little store there that you can access by clicking the link over there on the left under the pictures.

I have to warn you. It isn't just addictive as a seller. It's addictive as a buyer. It's an entire virtual marketplace of handmade items. Pretty much anything you can think of is there. And buying from there supports individual artists. I've heard there are mass producers masquerading as independent artists on the site, so you may run into that. For the most part though, it's individuals. It's a cool place. I may do most of my Christmas shopping there.

So, now for the reason you're actually here.

Here's all the girls in the family - including the dog. Senna was diagnosed with Addison's Disease last week. It's totally treatable and she's feeling much better now that she's on a daily dose of Prednisone.

Look how much Jo is filling out. She's definitely had a growth spurt!

Jo loves her sister. And I think the feeling is mutual.

Jo also loves to play in the toilet. Dad didn't want that in the pic, but yes she's holding the toilet paper roll holder and putting a foot up on the toilet lid. We have a lovely lock that holds the lid down now.

And, this picture is just P in a nutshell. My sweet girl.


Mary Beth said...

These are SOO cute! I will be doing a lot of my Cmas shopping at Etsy too! :)

Christy said...

You have BEAUTIFUL girls!!! THey are just adorable. I clicked on the link and I will tell you now that I will not allow myself to go there again or I will totally be addicted. I love that kind of stuff. You girls are precious!

Christy :)