Thursday, July 26, 2007

Can It Be True?!?!

Today, my sweet little Josie, turns one.

Oddly, I have to keep reminding myself of that. Isn't that strange?

I guess it's because we've been home just 2 months with her. I haven't had a baby around for a year for it to feel like she should be one year old? Is it because I know, logically, that we truly don't know for sure that today IS her birthday?

I don't know. We're celebrating on Saturday. I ordered the cake today. Maybe with friends and family around celebrating, and J's face covered in cake, it will seem more real. The place that I ordered the cake is giving us a free 6" round "smash cake" with a big number 1 on it just for Jo. That ought to be fun.

She's made such strides since she's been home.

She came to us only drinking from a bottle with no interest in us putting anything else in her mouth, and now she's eating table food. Lately she has seemed bored with baby food, and has been favoring Cheerios and cereal bars. So while we were at my mom's for a week, I tried out some actual food. She loved it. Some mac n cheese, green peas, green beans, purple hull peas. She liked them all. Next step - her putting the food into her OWN mouth.

She came to us crawling on her belly, pushing with her toes and dragging herself along with her forearms. Now she's crawling on her hands and knees, pulling up and starting to cruise. She has even kept her balance unassisted while standing. Walking may be here soon. P didn't really start walking until she was 14 or 15 months old, so for J to walk now would be early for me.

She has really bonded with our family. After being gone from Dad for a week, she was so excited to see him when we got back yesterday. She laughs out loud, especially when P does her gorilla dance. She has her moments when she only has eyes for mom. I have to remind myself that that is phenomenal - especially when I'm feeling exhausted from it.

She has been such a blessing to our family. I'm still in survival mode for the most part, but I think I can see a light at the end of the tunnel where things may get a little easier or at least become "the new normal".

I can't believe Josie's one today. What a great day.


Erin said...

Happy Birthday, Josie!! What great strides she has made over the past two months. Isn't in amazing to watch their progress. Hope she loves the cake :-)

Mary Beth said...

Smiling all over my face!!

The Bennights said...

Wow! Happy Bday Josie! :)
I guess this means my baby's next

taywooten said...


Love your cuzin