Monday, July 30, 2007

Scenes From a Birthday Party

Saturday afternoon, we celebrated Josie's first birthday. We just invited family and a few friends over. It was great and a pretty laid back affair.

Josie was not so sure about the tiara headband. It was actually a bit tight on her head which only eased my worries that her head seems small. We don't all strip down to eat cake on our birthdays, but we weren't sure how messy J would get.

Here's her birthday cake. I ordered it from a local place called Candy Haven and, although their name doesn't scream it, they have fantastic cakes.

Candy Haven also threw in a free "smash cake" for the birthday girl to have all to herself.

Turns out, we didn't really need to worry about J getting messy. She wasn't sure about the whole thing.

The big kids encouraged her.

Dad encouraged her, too. But it just didn't happen. She managed to get some icing on her lips, and that was about it.

Since J is, of course, only one, Mom got to open all the gifts. It kinda felt like the baby shower all over again, because all the men and kids had left the room after having cake. This onesie came from my friend Sue, and made me laugh out loud.
My baby turning one, cake, friends, family and laughing out loud - it was a good day.


Anonymous said...

LOVE that onesie!!

Anonymous said...

PS - So glad we didn't all have to strip for cake - would have presented quite the quandry - clothing...cake...

Mary Beth said...

Love Candy Haven! That is cute. And the onesie, fantastic!