Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Can I Get a "Thank You, Jesus"?

We have been working with J to pick up food and feed herself. While at my mom's, my mom and sister-in-law tried. I have tried. Allen has tried. This weekend at her party, several people tried. J just picks up a piece of food and tosses it in the floor. The dog, of course, loves it.

Last night, when Allen came home from work, J was in her booster seat. He sat down next to her and put a Gerber cheese puff on her tray like he's been doing a lot lately. Basically waiting for her to feed it to the dog. WELL. Last night, she picked it up and put it in her mouth as if she's been doing that for months. I missed it, but Allen said "WOW! Has she been doing this all day?" Me: "Been doing what?" Allen: "Watch this!" and he puts another one on her tray and she picks it up and eats it.

And so the sudden jump into the world of Josie feeding herself occurred. Here are some pics from today (proving last night wasn't a fluke):

Hmmm. What's that on my tray?

If I could just...get...ahold of it.

Done. Now, hmm, let's see....

Still there? OK...

Mom, really! Does everything have to be a photo op?

Toward the mouth...toward the mouth...

Get it in there...Don't bite the finger...

I think it's in...Is it in?

Oops, not quite. One more try...

One final shove ought to do it.

Did I do it? Yep, it's not in my hand anymore.

Nothing to it! (Notice the dog senses the end of the free ride.)

Yay me!!!


The Bennights said...

Welcome to the world of endless messes and stained clothing!
GO Josie!

Mary Beth said...

So cute! This is great. Smiling all over my face and boy did I need it.

carol said...

Now give her a piece of birthday cake and let her make a mess.


Magi said...

The free ride isn't over. When Sera started self-feeding, she'd toss an occasional piece of food to our dog. She still does. My favorite, NOT!, is when she holds something out, lets Shadow lick it, and then eats it herself.