Tuesday, August 14, 2007

What a Weekend

We had a pretty good weekend. Josie's big developmental leap this weekend was finally picking up random things off of the floor and putting them into her mouth. Hey, progress is progress, good or bad.

Saturday we went to E's first birthday party. That was lots of fun. The kids played in the kiddie pools and had lots of fun. E actually attacked her cake like a one year old should. Her mama has pics posted here. Go, E go!

Sunday we went to Fort Worth with Allen's sister and nephew to visit the Star Wars exhibit. Phoebe really enjoyed it. She got to see all the costumes from the movies as well as the full sized droids in all shapes and sizes. In the gift shop at the end, she picked up everything Darth Vadar. We settled for some postcards with him on it and a giant Pez dispenser. And, though she doesn't know it yet, we also bought a little electronic box to make her voice sound like Vadar's.

This may be my favorite souvenir from our day.
Yep, that's my girl.

Yesterday, I took Josie back to the doctor for a follow-up to the non-well check visit from a week ago. Her ears were clear and her breathing was fine. As a reward for getting better, she got three shots. Woo-hoo! Poor thing. I thought things might not go well when she started crying when I sat her down on the scale. They didn't go as badly as they could have, though she did make quite a ruckus when shot time came. But, who can blame her?

Thursday, we are going to a Meet & Greet for Phoebe's new soccer team. That's right, I've been sucked in. Lord help me. I have fought and fought signing her up for soccer. I have finally given in. In my defense, let me just say, it wasn't P I was fighting against. She's barely mentioned an interest in playing and, I think, would be just as happy kicking the ball around in the backyard. But, hey. We're in it now. We'll see how it goes. I hope she loves it.

Last but not least, today marks 3 months since we've had Josie. Three months ago today, they handed her over to us in that hot Civil Affairs office in Guangzhou. What a blessing she is. She's come so far. Heck, so have I! If you want to relive it (maybe it's just me), you can do that here.


Té la mà Maria - Reus said...

very very good blog, congratulations
regard from Catalonia Spain
thank you

Anonymous said...

YAY on the healthiness again!!

Good luck on the Soccer - I hold my breath until the sign-ups are over just in case anyone wants to... I'm always glad when we can skip it!!