Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Leaps and Bounds

Josie has been doing so many new things lately, I don't feel like I've documented them all very well.

She has been waving hello and goodbye for a few weeks now. With both hands, of course. Sometimes her feet get in on the action. I think the first time was to a woman named Rachel G. at church. She did it for Rachel and then wouldn't do it for anyone else who came up to say hello.

She's doing well on the eating front. She can eat an entire package of Easy Mac by herself, just like her big sister. She likes canned veggies, and today had fresh blueberries and strawberries.

She has started saying "mama" and actually looking at me. Sometimes she even touches my face or my arm when she says it. Of course, sometimes she points to herself when she says it, too. I guess mama is everywhere.

I'm don't think this quite counts as a first word, but I think it's pretty cool. There is a butterfly mobile above her changing table that she loves to look at and reach for. Sometimes I hold her up so she can touch them. Whenever she looks at them, I say, "butterfly." She now reaches for them and says, "buh-by". Yes, I know it sounds like that SNL skit where the flight attendants are saying, "buh-bye" to all of the passengers, but that's what she says reaching for a butterfly.

AND, just today, I pointed to a picture that Sarah matted for my shower. It's one of Josie's referral pictures. I'm sure I've pointed to it before and said, "Josie". Today, I pointed at it and said, "who's that baby?", and Jo pointed to herself. Do babies recognize pictures of themselves? Does she just have a good memory of me telling her it's a picture of her? Either way, she knows that picture has something to do with her. Pretty cool.

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Anonymous said...

She is just a smart little girl!! And obviously fine after the crib incident! I did forget to ask you about her signs the other day & she was trying very hard to tell me something...I think I distracted her with Cheerios... good babysitter strategy...