Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Why Didn't Anyone Tell Me?????

I will soon be a stereotype. We may be getting a mini-van this weekend. Say it ain't so. First soccer, and now this. It may in fact be one of the signs of the Apocalypse.

Obviously, if I truly felt that way, we wouldn't get one. It all started about this time last year. We got our Honda Pilot, my friend Elastigirl got a Honda Odyssey. Her Odyssey had some groovy features we chose not to get on the Pilot. Like the navigation system and the back up camera. "That's cool," I said, "but it's still a mini-van." She smiled and went on to show me the 50,000 cup holders and the lazy susan under the floor boards for storage. "It's too bad it's a mini-van," I said.

Fast forward one year. School has started. We have two kids, one in a full fledged car seat and one in a booster. We're carpooling with our neighbors. I've driven my 2 and the girl next door to school a couple of times now, and there's a space issue. Sure the Pilot theoretically seats 8, but getting to that back seat isn't easy. So all three are together in the second row. With that being the case, where do the backpacks go? Hmmmm? (I can hear you, Elastigirl). And this is only the beginning. Allen has helped with getting everyone in on these occasions and HE'S the one that had to go and say it might not be a bad idea to go ahead and trade the Pilot for the Odyssey.

He called the guy that sold us the Pilot; what a deal he has. So, in a few short days, I may be the owner of a mini-van. I may have to go get another tattoo to even things out.


The Bennights said...

DON'T DO IT!!!!!!!!!! But....if you do....can I have the Pilot???

Anonymous said...

I'll take you out for serious booze & then hold your hand throughout the tattoo... what good are seminarian friends if they won't do this for you?!!

Dana said...

You are going to have to get a pretty serious tattoo to even a minivan out. Perhaps getting a tattoo OF a minivan would make it a little more cool. *wink*

The Bennights said...

Still....I'm saying. DON'T DO IT!

Mary Beth said...

I am living proof that there is life after a minivan. Like, my new Beetle!

However, I am not nearly as hip and cool as I was BEFORE the minivan. I still (don't tell!) miss all that space sometimes. You should've seen me, mom, and niece trying to get home from kniting camp with all our suitcases, pillows, yarn the Bug!

May I also say that I remain intensely envious of that Odyssey! It would be worth going back to a minivan for ... I don't need it, but it'd still be cool.