Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The First Day of School

Today was Phoebe's first day at her new school. We actually had school at home yesterday, but today was the first day to don the uniform, load up the backpack and head out.

The day started at 6:15. Allen had to leave early, so that's the time his alarm went off. That's not why my day started then. My day started then because seconds after the alarm went off, Phoebe came into our room ready to start HER day. Before we left home, I told her I was going to miss her today. She said, "Mom! It's OK! I'm coming back!"

Here she is before breakfast. Does she look like she's a tad bit excited?

Her uniform shirts do actually have the school logo on them, but I roughly covered them in the pics.

I've been taking pictures like this every year she's gone to preschool and school. I got the idea from my friend Sue. Phoebe had a little trouble with the backpack. Not because it's heavy, but it's bulky and she isn't really.I went straight to Target to get her a smaller backpack. This one, with her initials monogrammed on it and everything, can wait a couple more years I guess.

Here she is at the entrance. Lots of kids were getting their pictures taken underneath the sign... we figured Phoebe would, too. Notice how her shirt is already coming untucked from wrestling that backpack.

Here's my sweety in her classroom. There are only 12 kids. What a great place to be.

After leaving this smiling face, I went to the car and called Sue and my mom. I can't believe my Sweet P is in first grade. After Target, I went to a store and learned how to use a laminating machine. I learned all kinds of things to not do.

Phoebe came home today all smiles. She had a blast. I even got all domestic and made chocolate chip cookies to welcome her home. (Does a Tollhouse break-apart package count as domestic?) At first she was upset because she was sure I'd used the mix we bought to make next time Granny is here. (Who gets upset over chocolate chip cookies?) Once she realized that I hadn't touched the "Granny package", she ate four and drank a glass of milk.

She just fell asleep on the couch. I'm surprised that she lasted this long. I'm surprised I lasted this long. I wonder how she's going to get upstairs. Not sure I can carry her tonight!

Tomorrow it's another day of homeschool. I'm really glad we don't have to be out the door at 8. If all goes as it did on Tuesday, we'll have a great day.


Anonymous said...

So cute!!! It's amazing how big she is all of a sudden - or it seems that way to me!

Lineberry said...

It's sudden to me too!

The Bennights said...

Wow, it seems like just yesterday she was barely 4 and calling Brad "Bread" :). She looks so grown up...and happy. I am glad things are going well for you girls. You deserve it!

Mary Beth said...

I want you to be MY mom.

She is so darling. Love it. So glad you shared these!

Brandi said...

I gave you tips on the laminating machine! :-) Guess they were not adequate????

I dumped my 6th and 5th grader off at same said school. This is the 1st year neither child asked me to come in. I asked them several times and while going from "no," to "you can come in if you want," I told them the ultimate decision was theirs. They both hesitated and said "no." Weird feeling!!!!!

BTW, thanks for letting us watch J & P Monday. We had a wonderful time.