Friday, August 10, 2007

So, How WAS Six Flags?

Well, I'm glad you asked. To quote Phoebe, it was, "awesomely awesome."

We had such a blast. Nevermind that the temperature yesterday was 99 degrees. No problem.

We arrived at the park at 10:00am. No lines getting in. Very nice.

Don't we look fresh?
Phoebe had already decided that she wanted to ride the Shockwave first. The Shockwave is, of course, at the back of the park. No problem. We wandered through the park, not letting ourselves get distracted by anything else. We got to the Shockwave and there was no one there. Allen, Phoebe, Doug, Tate and I went straight to the front of the line and got on the ride. We were the only ones on it. When it ended, Allen and Doug stayed on for another go. Phoebe loved it, though admitted that it was a bit scary. Actually, later in the day she said, "Mom, the Shockwave kinda freaked me out. Even though I tried to keep my head back, it pushed it forward anyway."

Here are the two conquerors after braving the Shockwave. It was the first time on a rollercoaster for either of them. If you're going to go, go big!

Here's P alone after the Shockwave. You can tell she's proud to have done it, but kinda happy to be off.

The park didn't really start getting crowded until after noon. Most rides we had a 0-5 minute wait. I think the longest we waited all day for anything was 35 minutes. Allen and I kept saying, "Remember when we were kids...?" You know, then the lines were 2 hours long, up hill, in the snow....

Here's P on the swings.

and on the Crazy Spider Legs ride (or something like that)

Six Flags has gotten smart over the years. There's an area outside of the Mr. Freeze ride designed to cool down the kiddos. Here's J and Mommy playing in the misters.

She absolutely loved it.

P went for the higher volume of water cooling method. This was after she'd dried out from riding the Aquaman Splashdown (formerly Splashwater Falls). THAT was great fun. Phoebe and Audrey decided to stand on the bridge after the ride and get splashed by the next boatload coming down the hill.

This, in my opinion, is the best ride in the park. The Superman Tower of Power totally rocks. I screamed like a girl on this ride, and I meant it. In a good way.

Doug, Sue and Tate left around 2. Audrey stayed with us and the fun continued. We took turns staying with Josie, who was quite the trooper all day. Around 5pm, P decided she wanted to ride the Shockwave AGAIN. Can you see my little girl's face on the right side of the FRONT CAR?! Oi.

And there they are at the top of the hill, heading for the loops.
And what visit to Six Flags would be complete without the cartoon character meet n greet.

On our way from the Conquistador to the Runaway Mine Train, via the Pink Thing stand, we came across this.

Nothing like watching a KISS cover band with your 6 year old and the neighbors' 12 year old.

We finally decided to call it a day (after the second ride on the Runaway Mine Train) and left around 9:15pm. I never thought we'd last that long. Especially J. She caught a couple of cat naps throughout the day, but didn't sleep all that long. She really was a trooper through the whole thing.

I can't wait to go back!


Mary Beth said...


last time I went to Six Flags was to chaperone Brandon's jr. high band trip.

that can be the LAST time for a good while.

It's a good thing that young people have the kids!

my word verification is: "relic" which is making me feel very old and crotchety indeed!

ElastiGirl said...

What a fun day!! All of a sudden P is looking very leggy - has she grown 2" this summer?! What a trooper to take on the Shockwave as a first roller coaster! The boyz will be impressed - I promised them we would do a day of nuttin' but coasters one day - they will ride anything that they are tall enough for...

Colleen said...

Oh what fun!! Lovin the Kiss coverband!