Thursday, August 02, 2007

Just Another Day

Let's face it, lately I've been going along from day to day not really knowing what day it is. And dates? Forget about it.

So, this morning when I sat down to pay bills, I had to check to see what the date is. It's August 2! That date hit me like a ton of bricks. I'm still a little teary.

You see, one year ago today around 8:30am a little baby girl was found wrapped in a blanket outside the gate of a hospital in a small town in China. I don't know what time of day she was left. I don't know if she cried. I don't know if her birth mother was nearby making sure she was found.

I only know that one year ago today, my baby girl was FOUND. It started a journey that would lead her to us. Today. More than her birthday.

Today she was FOUND.

This is the gate of the hospital.

That building is the hospital.

This is the very spot where J was found. See that little sprig of green? It's missing a sprig, because I had to bring some home. I wonder if the sprig was there when J was placed at the base of this column.

This is the street in one direction where the hospital is located.

This is the street in the other direction.

This is also the hospital's street. See that stall where people are selling things? I have to wonder if someone there found her. I will always wonder because I didn't think to ask while we were there. It's just to the left of the gate (she was found on the right side of the gate). I'm standing in the driveway to the gate.

I will be eternally grateful for everything that happened on this date.

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Anonymous said...

I believe that there was a nearby angel whispering to Josie and her birth mother that a wonderful life was awaiting this special child.
Anna Rae