Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Clever Girl

This morning, Josie was hitting my face like she does pretty often.

I said, "No, soft." and she started patting my cheek a little bit more softly. I smiled and said, "That's right, soft." Next, she patted her tummy. I said, "Josie." Then, she patted my cheek again and I said, "soft" again.

Then, she picked up my hand and patted her cheek with it. If she were a little older, she probably would have rolled her eyes as she did it. It was very cool, she was trying to get me to pat her cheek by patting my cheek and then herself.

She's pretty clever. It's a shame her mother isn't quite as quick.


Anonymous said...

She is sooooo clever - and you are such a good mom!!

Mary Beth said...

Sweet baby it!