Friday, November 17, 2006

Enjoying Life

I saw this picture on a yahoo group, and couldn't resist sharing it.

I've been stressing a little bit this morning because I'm finally recognizing how much I need to do between now and tomorrow afternoon when my family comes over to celebrate Thanksgiving. I've been pretty laid back about it all week, because it's my family and they are pretty low maintenance. As long as I make mincemeat pie, my dad and brother will be happy.

So now I'm thinking, "Gee, I guess I ought to take all of the Halloween stuff back upstairs so that it can go back into the attic" and "Hmm, might want to sweep up the dog hair" and "I should probably go buy food aside from the pie fixin's".

A on the other hand is planning to take an early lunch and go see the new Bond flick.

So, do I clean or go to the movie in the middle of the day with hubby?