Friday, November 24, 2006

Thanksgiving Has Come and Gone

Well, it's the Friday after Thanksgiving. I am not shopping. I think I might injure someone if I were out there fighting the crowds. Actually, I may go to a couple of stores later this afternoon. I think it's less frustrating to shop on this particular day if there isn't something particular that you are looking for. Randomly wandering around isn't so bad.
We've had quite a week. Last weekend's celebration with my family went really well. It was great visiting with everyone. P had a blast playing with her cousins. My brother and A cut shelves to go into a closet for more storage. Mind you I bought the shelves at Ikea about 6 months ago, but hey, they are FINALLY in!
We also cleaned up the guest room, actually set up a bed in it and moved out the spare furniture that was in there. We've had the bed for several years, but it's spent the last couple in the garage. We bought a mattress set this week and had to alter it to fit in the frame (I'll post pics later).
Our small group from church came over Wednesday night for Mexican food and 'ritas. Ours is an extra small group with only 3 couples (and 4 children - at this point). It was great, and I got a baby fix (N is 13 months and E is 3.5 months).
Yesterday, A's family came over to celebrate Thanksgiving. It's so funny to compare my family with A's. They are opposites. Mine (my parents and my brother's family of 6) is so quiet that A doesn't know what to do with himself, and A's family (his parents, sister and nephew) is so NOT quiet that my dear no-stop talker P said, "Guys, can we just get quiet and eat?" We had fun though, and P got to play with another cousin. A's parents actually stayed with us over night since there is a bed now in the guest room instead of a futon.

Today, I'm enjoying the relative silence of only two non-stop talkers in the house and counting my blessings of all the wonderful people in my life.