Monday, June 18, 2007

A Beautiful Thing

It's been quite a day for Josie. When we went to the adoption doctor a few weeks ago, he ordered a whole slew of tests requiring blood. Before we could go in for that, we had to collect the stool samples. With that task finally behind us, I decided to just not think about it, and get J to the lab for the blood draw.

Did I mention that one of J's top teeth is about to break through? I figured, hey, she's uncomfortable anyway, lets get this blood drawn.

I thought there might be a problem, when the lab tech brought out 6-8 vials to fill with my baby girl's blood. It was a lot of tests. Long story short, J did not have a great morning today AND we have to go back, because they only got about half as much as they needed.

(The lab tech told me I did very well.)

J took a great afternoon nap - and who wouldn't after the trauma of the morning. When she woke up I figured she was hungry, though not fussy, so why not try eating off of a spoon?

Oh, my gosh! She did it! Not just tolerating me putting the spoon on her lips, she actually ate! AND she opened her mouth, and leaned forward for more, and ate a whole container of banana baby food. (Hope THAT doesn't come back to bite me). It's stage 1 baby food, so it's really smooth, and I heated it up. So basically, it tasted like banana pudding. She followed this up with a full bottle of formula and rice cereal.

Gotta go to the store tonight and get some more bananas. Today bananas, Tomorrow....?

These pictures actually bring tears to my eyes. To see her with an OPEN mouth with a spoon in front of's priceless!


Sarah said...

YAY girl....we knew you could do it! Maybe watching E eat meat made her want to eat real food. LOL :)

ElastiGirl said...

Woo-Hoo - maybe she was regretting not trying a french fry!!