Friday, June 01, 2007

Can Anyone Say "Sleep"?

We've been back almost a week. I keep trying to remind myself of that. It hasn't even been a week, yet.

Josie is not quite on Texas time. Her normal behavior the past few days has been to go to bed about 9pm and wake around 12am. She then wants to stay awake and play until 2 or 3. Wednesday night, she woke about 11:30 and was back asleep for the night by 1. Sweet.

Well, last night, she went to bed between 9 and 9:30 and woke at 10:30. I was with her until I couldn't take anymore at 1:30. I handed her off to Allen and have no idea when she went to sleep. I don't think it was too much later. But I don't know.

Heaven help this child get her time zones figured out. Mommy is pretty cranky without sleep.

Other than that, we are doing pretty well. On Wednesday, we took J to an international adoption doctor. He said she looks pretty good, but said she's a little thin. He did a TB skin test that we are going to our pediatrician this afternoon to get checked. He also wants to do a lot of labs to check for any diseases and to check her titers to see what immunizations she's had or needs. Oh, and there's the stool samples. Two per week for a week or two. Nice. Oh, and they don't have to be refrigerated because there's preservative in the containers. Well, that's a relief...'cause I don't know whose refrigerator they'd be going in.

We're working a little bit on getting her to eat things that aren't in a bottle. Right now, I'm just doing my best to not be too cranky and to get through one day at a time. When we've had a little more sleep, we'll work on introducing new foods, etc.

I just looked over, and J has fallen asleep in her exersaucer, despite P sitting on the floor beside her and making all kinds of noises with her toys. Last night at 1am, I had diabolical plans to keep her from napping today. Guess I didn't make it too far. But, since her Dr. appointment this afternoon is scheduled during her prime nap time, I guess she won't nap much this afternoon.

I'm sure it'll all work out. I'd just go for sooner rather than later. I really need some quality sleep.

I promise new pictures will be forthcoming soon. When I remember how to work the camera.


J-n-K-n-J said...

Ooooh. You've got it bad, I'm afraid. I'm sorry you're not getting good sleep! It's just been the past 3 nights that I feel like I'm getting good rest, but we haven't had to deal with the sleep issues with our J like you have had with your baby J! I wish I could come to TX and play with her while you take a nap! I'm sure you have a line of volunteers though, so make sure you take advantage of that. You NEED your rest. BTW, we too have the joy of stool samples, but again, we got off easy. Just 3 vials to be filled over 3 days. Can't wait! Give Allen and the girls a squeeze for me.


ElastiGirl said...

We'll be praying for sweet dreams for all of y'all this week!!

Mary Beth said...

Yep. You're a new mommy.

Wish I had mom-ly wisdom...but I would be glad to come over and babysit while you take a nap...