Thursday, June 14, 2007

Spotlight on Phoebe

Since this is now more of a family blog than an adoption blog, I thought I'd show you what Phoebe's been doing this week:


Check out that form. Yes, she is actually watching her ball go over the net.

Phoebe loves Coach Brown

Great follow through. Must have taken her eye off the ball.


Anonymous said...

Hi all,
Left some clothes for Josie at your front door....did you find them? Hope all is well and that we hear from you soon....would love to come see Josie....

Cute photos of Phoebe. Tell her to keep up the good job!:)

The Woods Family

ElastiGirl said...

Missed you all the rest of the week - and missed having P over for a playdate - how's Monday morning?? I have a plumber coming and will have five other kids here so she'll have lots of playmates!! You could even leave J also - that would be greatness!!