Saturday, September 08, 2007

Opening Day

Today was the first day of the rest of our lives. Phoebe's first soccer game.

OK, OK. I get it. Thanks Brandi for giving me that little push to sign her up (whether you knew you were doing it or not). Phoebe had a blast!

The games are made up of 10 minute quarters. Phoebe played the 2nd and 4th quarters. She finally seemed to get the hang of things about half way through the 4th quarter. Up to then, we had to remind her to pay attention to where the ball was, etc. Apparently she got into it on a corner kick when the coach told her to not let a girl on the other team get in front of her. That was all it took. We truly could not have asked for a better group of girls and parents. I'm so glad that the coach emphasizes that we're there to have fun.

Because pink is a popular color among girls this age, the opposing team had shirts similar in color to ours. Our team wore yellow scrimmage jersey thingies. You COULD tell them apart by their socks. Ours are black.

Here's Phoebe's first ever play in a soccer game. Doesn't she look like she knows what to do?

She did manage to keep up with the other girls most of the time. That's her on the right.

She didn't actually score here, but she was staying focused. Always a plus.

Here I'm really hoping she didn't push that girl down. I'm sure she didn't, but she's not trying to help her up either. She's going for the ball.

I liked this pic because she's actually in full on motion, trying to get to the ball and not part of the cluster. The blond in the middle of the pic? That's D. She's really good. I think she scored all 7 of our goals. (Not that they keep track of the score at this age, but we won.)


The Bennights said...

Cute! Glad she had a good game. I actually is a lot of fu to go to the fall games when it is a little more tolerable outside!

The Bennights said...

Wow. Too bad they don't have a spell checker for comments...

Brandi said...

I didn't realize I gave you the push (generally I shove people down) to sign her up for soccer, but I'm glad you did. It is so fun to be part of soccer in this town. You see friends at the game, you cheer on your kids, you get a snack after the game. Lots of fun! Let's see -- CDA (check), soccer (check) ... the next thing you know she will be riding horses or taking piano. I would gently push the piano route. Riding lessons are breaking the bank! At least soccer is fairly inexpensive.