Tuesday, September 04, 2007

So, Did We Or Didn't We?

Yes. Yes we did.

This is the color we went with.

We had thought we'd go with black exterior and interior, but then I got smacked on the head by dog hair and thought black interior may not be the way to go. Then, we thought about black with tan interior and had flashbacks to other tan interiors we've had. The interior of this "nimbus gray" one is called "olive" but it looks gray to me. Hopefully it will hide dog hair AND dirt.

Here we are at the Grand Canyon over the weekend. OK, not really. This isn't even our dash. Ours is gray, er, olive.
Here's that lazy susan in the floor. Note the med kit, walkie talkies, binoculars and LUNA bars. They came in really handy at the Grand Canyon.

So, just to recap - we spent our Friday night buying a dark gray mini-van. Yup. We're livin' large.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to Mom-ness!! SEVENTEEN cupholders - did you count them all? Cuz when you drive a MV you must need lots of drinks!!

BTW - the lazy susan is a great spot for your owner's manual (so the TWO glove boxes are free for make-up, vitamins, wipes, etc) and the cordless headphones when not in use!!

The AC plug is great in carline when you need to plug in the laptop!!

Mary Beth said...

Awesome! It's a party in a car!

Dana said...

So when are you getting that new tattoo? hehe j/k

carol said...

Remember our chevy wagon that the blue birds use to travel in? This comes with being a mom and wanting to provide room for kids and friends.

The Bennights said...

Ok...so it's not SOOOOO bad. I still am not quite ready!