Thursday, September 06, 2007

Soccer Practice - Take 2

Here we are on Thursday again. It's Phoebe's soccer practice day again. And the sky looked like this at 6:15pm.

Here's Phoebe all dressed up and ready to go. Boy, is she ready!

"This is how you take a soccer picture, mom."

I'm happy to report that the skies were only threatening and did not actually produce any thunder, lightning or rain.

Here's P practicing going after a corner kick. She also practiced corner kicks. She can't quite bend it like Beckham yet, but hey, neither can he a lot of the time.

Here's Josie watching big sister's practice. Notice the dark spot on her bottom lip? Well, maybe you can't see it, but she's been getting more and more brave letting go of things when standing. The down side is she tends to fall face first into whatever is closest.
Here's P after we got home. I'm not sure what's up with the pose. I just thought she looked so old, I had to post the pic.

And here it is...the jersey. Apparently my computer can't handle the color of the jersey. In the picture it looks kind of coral or salmon. NO. It's bright, Barbie pink. And I do mean pink. She's a bit excited.

There was a gorgeous sunset on the way home. I didn't manage to get a picture of it. Even with all the cool features the minivan has, it doesn't take pictures or drive for me while I take a picture.

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Mary Beth said...

So cute! So excited! Such a sultry pose!

And yes, that sunset was AWESOME. I met Meg & Suzie in L'ville in the evening so I got to admire it while driving