Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Conversations With Jo

(I just love this picture of her glancing over at her daddy)

Josie has been becoming much more "conversant" lately... if you have a parent's ear for her words. She's really cracking us up.

Last week, she was playing with some plastic bugs and dumped them out of the container. I said, "Josie, can you put those back in?" Josie said, "yeah." (I guess we need to work on manners now.) After a little more playing, I said, "Josie, you're going to have to put the bugs back into the container, okay?" Josie responded, "Day"(for 'kay). It was too cute. Now, it's a fairly common thing for her to say yes, yeah, and day when we ask her a question instead of just nodding (though she does still nod a lot).

She also spoke a two word phrase last week. This girl loves brushing her teeth. We have a little toothbrush and training tooth paste (that's OK to swallow) and we brush her teeth at least twice a day. She'd like to do it 4 or 5 times if we'd let her. Last week when I got her up from a nap, she pointed to her sink and said, "Buh Tee." I almost dropped her. I said, "Do you want to brush your teeth?" and she nodded furiously.

We've known that she has a good understanding of what we say to her. It's nice to hear her say so.


Anonymous said...

of course she is the MOST brilliant God-daughter I know of...

mama.king said...

Mayybe she could give us some tips. N hates to brush his teeth!

Mary Beth said...

Can you brush your teeth TOO MUCH? I guess so.

Glad she likes it!