Sunday, March 02, 2008

Today Is The Day!

Today marks the day that Josie has been with us longer than she was without us. My how she's changed from the first moment we held her... today...

She has a fascination with her belly

She's quite limber (and sensitive to the slightest bit of anything on her foot)

And she loves playing.

Though about 1/2 an hour after taking this picture she rolled off the ball and busted her lip. Poor baby. She's resting now.

As Elastigirl pointed out, she's quite resilient as we knew she would be. She's been through a lot in her short life. But now, she's spent more of it with us than with anyone else.


Mary Beth said...





ElastiGirl said...

Oh my gosh - it's amazing how different she looks now. She is such a delightful girl!!

Mary Beth said...

AND, I wish I had pictures of her with all the folks I saw holding and playing with her with last night. A treasure to every one of us.

brandi said...

You have changed a lot since getting her also! You bought a mini-van and have a somewhat suburban mom colored hair. :-) I'm so excited for your family! She is a blessed child and brings blessings to you!