Thursday, March 06, 2008

I'm Sorry....It's....March?

Well, weather has always been freaky in Texas. I posted pictures of the snow we got on Monday night. There wasn't much to it. It melted within a couple of hours Tuesday morning.

Yesterday there was talk of more wintry weather coming today.

Around noon, big snow flakes started falling. I sent a message to Allen telling him the white stuff was sticking - at least to our driveway and street. Hmmm. Are you sure?
Yes. It's sticking a little bit. Then the snow stopped and it started raining. P was beside herself because the snow was going away and she didn't play in it. Then it started sleeting, but just for a couple of minutes. Then the big flakes started falling again.

Same shot a couple of hours after the first.

Our house. Um...yes, it's sticking....

A view from our balcony.

Guess what. It's 3:30. NOW Allen's on his way home. I'm not sure when he'll be here.

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ElastiGirl said...

The balcony pic is stunning - it's amazing how stark everything looks up against the snow