Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Because It's Been a While

I figured I should take some pictures of the girls, so you'd remember what they look like.

Jo loves her bike! She'll ride it inside or out.

I actually managed to get her to look at me for a picture!

Phoebe obliged when I asked if I could take a picture of her next to the giant rose bush in our backyard. It's a "knockout rose" and it is made for me! You stick it in the ground and walk away. It was just a wee little thing two years ago when I planted it. I forgot to prune it in February, so it's kinda gone nuts.

Phoebe's getting kinda tall herself.

And just to get all artsy on you...


The Bennights said...

Wow, very brave. I cringe at the thought of E on a bike. Grace is not something she was born with. Maybe when she is 10....or so....

LOVE the rose. We finally transferred ours from the mailbox planter to a real garden spot and they are MUCH happier!

Mary Beth said...

P. was made to stand next to that rosebush!

Um, is the trike backward or do I forget how they work?