Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Random Cuteness

I was just looking at a book my mom gave me. She printed out all of my blog entries from the beginning of the blog up to Halloween last year and put them into a book for me. I was just looking at it and had the realization that I started this blog the day after Josie was born. Oooooh. Do you have a few chills? I guess I knew it was time to start.

Now, let the cuteness begin:

Phoebe all dressed for a party on Saturday. She looks so grown up.

Jo this morning giving her baby some love.

I took these pictures because I just love seeing her forehead. I know. I'm strange.

Phoebe finishing up another day of homeschool. Only 3 more left this school year. Yep. She gets out almost a month earlier than public school. Wheee.

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