Monday, April 07, 2008

Soccer Anyone?

Saturday was a gorgeous day for soccer. The grass on the fields was so nice, if not a bit long for soccer, that several adults were taking off their shoes just to get their toes down into it.

The day started with team pics.

P had a bit of a slow start when she went in for the second period. (This picture really just makes me giggle and reminds me of one of the many things that makes me love P)

OK, here we go with some action.

This picture gave me a flash of the future. She looks so old.

Jo was happy to help finish off the grapes from half time.

Go Phoebe. Or, as Jo says, "Yay Beebee!!!"

This team was the one team that beat us last season. They managed it again Saturday. It was a 12-8 game, so pretty good anyway. Our girls were just wiped out by the fourth quarter. Phoebe took it in stride.

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Anonymous said...

I love that you have a matching tee - where's jo's?