Thursday, April 17, 2008


The last weekend in March, Allen and I went to NYC. It was our first time to leave Jo overnight. I had no worries, though. She loves my parents, who came to watch the girls, and has my dad wrapped around her dainty little finger. (You know it's true, Dad). While I was going through pictures for this post, Jo kept reaching for the computer saying, "Ba-ba, Ba-ba, Ba-ba" over and over. She loves her Paw-paw.

Everyone had a blast and everything was fine. They even got P to her 8:00 soccer game Saturday morning (the only one of the season -- sorry).

Here was our view during the weekend.
Looking down on Times Square.

The Hudson River is in the distance.

The Empire State peaking out from behind another building.

The Chrysler Building sticking up in the middle (and reflecting in the building). Did you know you can open the window and stick your hand and camera outside on the 52nd floor?

Here was their view during the weekend.

I'm realize that I'm not posting a lot of pictures of P, but she was probably in constant motion, playing with neighborhood friends and her cousins on her bike and scooter.


ElastiGirl said...

who had the better view?! quite a debate...
so what show did y'all see?

Michelle said...

I can't believe you were in NYC and didn't call! I do forgive you as I can't remember what a night without the children feels like but I do know I wouldn't be looking for someone with five children!!!