Thursday, May 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Phoebe!!!

Today is Phoebe's birthday. I can't believe she's 7!!

Here's a picture from yesterday, her last day as a 6 year old...

And here she is today, her first day as a 7 year old. See the difference?

We had a fabulous day. Allen took the day off from work and we all went to Six Flags. P finished school on May 12, and most other schools don't get out until June, so it was a light day at the park. We parked really close to the gate.

Here she is, ready to take on the roller coasters. She's 48 inches tall, which doesn't get her on many more rides that last summer when she was 43 inches tall, but it did get her on the Tony Hawk Big Spin. Sweet. Even though she rode the Shock Wave twice last summer, she did not care to ride it today.

She and Allen rode the Aquaman ride, cause it's the best way to cool down.

Still looking like a rock star, soaking wet. I LOVE those sunglasses. P does too. Jo does too and held them today...and broke them in half....Let us never speak of it again. I hope Libby Lu still has them.

Jo did pretty well. There were several times that she really wanted out of her stroller. We finally let her out to run around in a kids' play area with misters. She loved it.

After running around, cooling off, and getting a dry diaper, she was happy to get back in the stroller.

As I said, we had a great day. No visit to Six Flags would be complete without a Pink Thing.

We bought season tickets, so we will definitely be visiting again soon.


taywooten said...

I don't really see a difference in Phoebe. Sorry. She's probably screaming in both, and that's probably why she has her mouth WIDE open in both. :)

Tell her I said happy birthday. Sorry I couldn't be at her party. I had to work. :(

Let us know when we can come over and visit with yall.



Mary Beth said...

Very very cute!

Ashley Winters said...

Happy Belated birthday to Phoebe. I hope she had a wonderfully fun birthday.