Wednesday, May 14, 2008

One Year in Our Lives

This is a never before seen video...

So many thoughts going through my head remembering the day. Every bit of it. The room was warm and humid, the windows were open, crying babies, crying parents. Sweet little Meaghan walked out of the room where the babies were into her mommy's outstretched arms. One baby girl was wearing pj pants that said, "I'm the big brother!" on them. Trying to learn from orphanage staff just how hot those bottles had to be. So much emotion in the room on all sides.

Jo slept about 13 hours that night. We woke up before her and just stared at her watching her sleep.


Mary Beth said...

I almost expired just now...realized I was holding my breath through the whole thing!


Thank you for sharing!

Moondog said...

aww, i haven't seen that video. so cool.

she's really grown!