Tuesday, May 13, 2008

How About That!

I saw this today when I was closing the blinds on the windows in our playroom. I may have been more excited than Phoebe, but that's OK. Those are tiny eggs. The fact that they are "robin's egg blue", makes me think they may be robin eggs. Well, that and the fact that when I see them I think, "Mmmmm. Malted milk balls."

The nest is in this vine that's growing up the side of our house. It's in the second window from the right. I guess they're safe from the roaming neighborhood cats up there.
I ripped this vine down last year, but I didn't dig it up. When it came back this year I was only slightly annoyed. It does have lovely yellow flowers like one day a year. I was planning to go rip it down again. I guess I won't do that.

Now, if only the storms we're expecting tonight don't rip it down.

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