Sunday, July 13, 2008

Holiday Fun

Sunday, July 6, our church had a "stay-cation". Since it was so close to July 4th, a lot of people were feeling patriotic and showing their colors.

There was a bounce house and snow cones for the kids. Here's P enjoying the latter having just gotten out of the former.

J had fun in the bounce house too. And, well, running around on the grass.

She got a little sweaty and red, too.

And, because I love Ms B, one of a few British ladies in our church, I had to show her my love and support. (hope she doesn't mind her face on my blog)


ElastiGirl said...

love the pics - they ALL made me smile!!

socialworker said...

Grrrreat pictures. Not only are P & J photogenic but so is their mama! By the way, if you guys ever decide to have another kid, you need a name starting with the letter B, giggle, giggle.