Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Phoebe Goes to Camp

Yes it's true. I can't believe it myself. Phoebe is now old enough to go to camp. Our diocese has a camp that goes from Wednesday to Saturday for kids who just finished 1st grade through those who just finished 3rd. Phoebe, of course, was all over it.

Here she is Wednesday morning, just waiting for the time to leave. She's so serene sitting atop her open trunk.

Here she is at camp. The first thing they were going to do after getting everything in the cabin was going to the lake to take a swim test.

Fast forward to Saturday, here's P carrying her sleeping bag, among other things, wearing the shorts she wore there on Wednesday. I thought it was kind of funny - she may have been the only girl there with a sleeping bag instead of having her bed made with sheets. My friend said, "That's just inexperienced parents packing sheets."

We stopped for lunch pretty soon after we left camp. With full bellies and a 1 1/2 hour drive ahead of them, my girls did the only sensible thing.


Miss Smarty Pants said...

Church camp is one of my favorite memories of being a kid. Good for you for starting hers as early as possible!

Brandi said...

Sleeping bag = HOT!!!!!!!! My son only takes sheets to camp in the summer. However, he camps outside with no A/C. Also, he can only take a footlocker for his stuff. Two flat sheets take up substantially less room than a sleeping bag. Glad she had fun.

Anonymous said...

that's our girl - coming home in the same clothes she left in!! the boyz were cold even in the sleeping bags