Thursday, July 10, 2008

Life's a Beach

In mid-June we trekked to Dauphin Island, AL with 2 other families to spend a week at the beach. We had a lot of fun and the beach was gorgeous.

This picture was taken when we first arrived. After unpacking the van, we walked with the kids down to the beach just to put our toes in the water. Not to actually play in the waves or in the sand. Since we left at 1am on a Saturday, Jo was dressed in her PJs for the whole trip. We didn't change her before we went to the water. Jo likes to be in water of any kind, so she was just fine. Ask her to play in the sand and it's a whole different story.

Here's P soaked from "putting her toes in the water".

Here's J with our fabulous babysitter K. Fantastic idea taking K with us. J, as well as the rest of the kids, loves her.

Sweet baby.

OK. I know what this looks like. Especially with that look on J's face. But honestly, she was trying to help Iz up off the floor. It's kinda hard, though, because Iz weighs the same as J despite being a year younger.

Here's a close up of the gorgeous Miss Iz.

Here's Iz's big sister E. She and Jo are a couple of weeks apart in age AND she is our beautiful God-daughter. I don't know what it is, but I love this picture of her. She and Jo together make quite a pair. Jo will never have E's curls, and E will never have hair as straight as Jo's.

This was a bit of a disturbing view at first. See that little triangle sticking up out of the water?

There are 2 dorsal fins in this picture, but they're a little further out and a little harder to see. After staring for quite sometime at this group of up to 7 or 8 fins, we finally saw blow holes. Aaah. Suddenly it's really cool that there are dolphins so close to the shore.


Dad taking Jo out to play in the waves. She loved it and actually fell asleep one day on her dad's shoulder out in the waves.

Phoebe loved the waves and the sand and anything at all to do with the beach. We all had a great time.

And I realize there are no pictures of the photographer at the beach. If you're desperate for one, you can see one here.


The Bennights said...

Wow! Love the pictures of my girls. Such pretty faces. And the lighting on that pic of Jo is gorgeous! be back in the sun/sand....and to have K around to help in the afternoon.....*sigh*

Mary Beth said...

so wonderful! Great to read you.

The Bennights said...

Ah....and the hat. I just noticed the hat! Forever at Woot!