Friday, January 11, 2008

Accessories Make All the Difference

Don't you think?

I can't bring myself to get scissors near Jo's face yet, so...

Doesn't she look totally different? I've been missing those expressive eyebrows.

And, Phoebe got her new glasses on Wednesday. She really only needs them to read and do school work. Of course she HAD to take them to school today. I hope they make it home.


Mary Beth said...

This is where I come for my doses of insane cuteness!

The Bennights said...

WOW! Shedoes look different. Cute. Wish E would keep a clip in.

Love P's glasses. She looks so studious!

Anonymous said...

OMG - you and P have to go glasses shopping with me when I get my new precription!! I love those!!

And I adore J's new look - she looks like such a little girl now - more grown up walking around on those two tiny feet.

mama.king said...

Love the glasses! I think you should let J's hair grow and just use a clip - it looks so cute!