Friday, January 04, 2008

A Christmas Overview

I had a request to update my blog. I can't believe I haven't posted since December 18. Well, I kind of can. I kinda just checked out of doing anything over Christmas. P and Allen had Christmas vacation, so I did too. So here is a small recap of Christmas day.

Well, actually, I think this picture was taken Christmas Eve from our balcony.

Here's P on Christmas morning looking pretty satisfied with Santa's offerings.

And Jo with her new phone.

The carnage. Actually, not much had been opened at this point.

Cutie pie.

This picture cracks me up. Santa brought P a dog that "grows and knows your name". She's thrilled with it. She loves to brush it and measure how tall it is. And it talks to her. (I've seen too many horror movies and find this creepy. "hi, Phoebe". It gives me chills.) Anyway, in this picture, P is happily brushing her electronic dog while the real, live dog wanders past behind her looking like she's saying "what am I, chopped liver?" Oh, Senna. If only you could say her name.


Mary Beth said...

Indeed, I've been stalking your blog looking for just such pictures!

Creepy also, no?

Looks like a great time was had by all. Balcony shot is gorgeous. We flew home on Christmas night and I LOVED LOVED seeing all the Christmas lights from the air. In Houston and in Dallas, too. And then the Christmas lights we saw on the ground in CR...a whole post to come!

ElastiGirl said...

What happened to J's nose??

I always crack up listening to the boyz train their Nintendogs for hours on end while the real dogs sit & look on quizzically...

I have holiday gifts to bring you... maybe I'll get them there before the end of Epiphany... maybe...

Moondog said...

the look from senna is priceless.