Monday, January 14, 2008

Heaven, Help Me

And, really, I mean that.

Have you ever been doing something, say checking email, and you hear a sound. It's a familiar sound, but you can't quite place it. It does seem like a sound that you really shouldn't be hearing.

So, you get up to investigate.


Magi said...

Oh boy, do you have your hands full. Good luck! ;o)

socialworker said...

Too cute!

The Bennights said...


We could never leave her and E alone in a room together. Oh to think of what they culd come up with together! Eek!

Good luck with all that!

Mary Beth said...

'Mom is so weird! Why is she aking pictures of this? My hair's all totally going everywhere!'

mama.king said...

At least she hadn't gotten into the garbage!