Wednesday, March 07, 2007

More Referrals

More cute little faces:

Journey to Baby Lexi - Lexi, 9 mos, Guangdong
Our Heart's Desire - Fu Baohong, 9 mos, Fuling SWI, Chongqing
A Child Born in the East - Fu Fang Qi, 17 mos, Hunan
Sophie Elizabeth - Feng Xiao Jia, 8 mos,
2 Cranky Cats - Jin Chun Xiao, 11 mos, Jiangxi
Sophie May Qian - Wu Huiqian, 14 mos, Gansu
Meili - You Fu Lai, 14 mos, Sichuan
Our Journey to Jae Lyn Feng Xiao Jie, 7 mos, Feng Cheng SWI, Jiangxi
Lovin' Cora-li Lian Bao Lu, 11 mos, Lianjiang SWI, Guangdong
Journey to Alexis Fu Baofan, 10 mos, Fuling SWI, Chongqing
Journey to Faith Yangxi Zi Zi, 6 mos, Yangxi, Guangdong province
Baby Makes 3 Lian Zhi Hui, 9 mos, Lianjiang SWI, Guangdong

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting all the blogs. I love to see all the new babies. Your little girl is beautiful.

This has been an awesome couple of days. I can't wait to have our baby in our arm.

Hope TA's come quickly

Mommy to little Ari