Monday, March 12, 2007

One More Step

Today, we sent our acceptance letter to our agency. There were two documents to sign, actually. One for the agency, and one for the CCAA . We actually had to check a box saying that we accept the child assigned to us.

We spoke last night to a doctor in Denton that knows a thing or two about international adoption. He had reviewed a copy of the medical records that our agency sent to us. He confirmed that all of Jiayin's medical info looks great. He said that her weight at 5 months was in the 75th percentile on the Chinese girl growth charts. That's a first for us. We were happy that P was finally up to the 50th percentile at her 5th birthday.

We had a little party over the weekend to celebrate the referral. We had a few friends over to pop open the bottle of Dom sent to us by some out of state friends a year or two ago. So, it was like they were here, too. It was a nice celebration.

So, our next stept in this process is....waiting. We are now waiting for travel approval (TA) from the Chinese government. Others from our agency who received their referrals at the beginning of February had about a 4 week wait for TA's, so I'm assuming ours will be something similar. Then we wait a little bit longer for a Consulate appointment, THEN we'll know when we are actually to China to bring home our baby!

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