Monday, April 09, 2007


I can't believe it. Referrals are here for April. Some came on Friday, and our agency is receiving them today.

Here's the crazy part. Remember (maybe) that last month referrals covered dossiers logged in in China through October 24, 2005? Well, this month's referrals cover dossiers logged in through...are you ready?...October 26, 2005. Yep. Two days. I feel horrible for those families who felt, understandably, that they were next with a log in date of, say, October 31. This hasn't been confirmed on the CCAA website yet, but our agency has a group logged in October 26 (getting referrals) and a group logged in October 28 (not getting referrals). Up until now, the shortest time period I'd seen covered in one month was 5 days. That was last summer during "the dark times" we all thought we'd never get through.

I can't imagine what on Earth could have happened for only two days' worth of log ins to be referred. Could this be the batch that is more directly affected by Chinese New Year? I don't know why, but I guess it could be.

I will post blogs with referrals as soon as I see them.

Meanwhile, we are waiting on confirmation of our CA which will tell us our definite travel dates and we can acquire our plane tickets. Are you kidding me? Actual tickets to China??? Whew!

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