Monday, April 23, 2007


Over the weekend, my friends threw me a baby shower. It was great. We had a lot of fun.

At least I think everyone else did. I know I did. But, of course, I got to open presents! And we had potato salad and mimosas. And cake. And those little quiches. And cake. And mimosas. And potato salad.

I realized throughout this that most of my friends are from church. In fact, I think everyone there besides family and one friend (who's basically family) were church friends. A lot of them from DOK.

I will post pics of the loot soon. But suffice it to say, Josie is going to be comfy when she gets here.

Allen's mom was there of course. I had invited his aunt and cousin, but they were unable to make it. They did send gifts, though. It was very thoughtful of them, but we missed them. After the shower, Allen's mom offered to run some of the loot to our house. She left it at our front door and my mother and I took it in when we got home.

As we were carrying everything in, I noticed a box that didn't contain shower presents. It was full of books and software about China. Language software, instruction books, informational books, "The Art of War" in Chinese and English, several other books in Chinese and English. I thought, "Oh, I guess MIL has been collecting China stuff and left that as well. That was nice of her."

About 3 hours later, Allen noticed he had a voice mail from his mom. She had just called to let us know about the box of Chinese things. It was a collection sent by Allen's aunt that had belonged to his Uncle J. Uncle J who was so excited about our going to China to get our girl. He missed seeing her picture by one week.

When Allen told me what his mom said on the message, my eyes started tearing up. I went to the box to look more closely at its contents. These books contain notes and info written by Uncle J. They are books that he used when he needed to learn Chinese and become more familiar with the country. I can't believe we have them now. I'll make sure Josie knows where they came from, and how much Uncle J loved her homeland.


sarahliz said...

Glad I wasn't the only one to make you teary! I had fun too. You should have babies more often.

Anonymous said...

Yeah!! Do we get to vote how many more?! Lots of fun showers!!

Lineberry said...

You people are nuts. If you insist on coming over and bringing me presents, I don't have a problem with that. I don't see why I have to have a baby to do that.