Wednesday, April 11, 2007

It's A Small World, Afterall

As you know, yesterday we received our confirmed consulate appointment. We have purchased tickets (using credit card points! yea!) for our trip. Can I say that again?! We HAVE PURCHASED TICKETS TO CHINA! OK, I'm better now.

We will be leaving on May 10th and returning on May 26th. Yes, that's a repeat from yesterday, but today it's a sure thing. I think we land back at DFW around 4 the afternoon of the 26th. P will be staying home with her Grandmothers taking turns staying with her and the dog.

Yesterday, our social worker sent me the email address of another client also in the greater metro area, who is with our agency and is also going to China on the 10th. I told her she could also send our email address to that family. This morning I received an email from the Nelsons and it looks like we may be on the same flight to China. She also sent my info to a friend of hers who is ALSO with our agency, also lives in the greater metro area, AND whose daughter is in the same province as Jiayin. So, we'll probably be spending lots of time with them.

Now to add a little more to this, the Nelsons' daughter is in Hunan. My friend K, up in Washington State who is also with the same agency, is going to Hunan. So, I passed along info since they will be traveling the whole time together.

I love the connections that are possible with "the Internets".

Sing it with me. "It's a small world, afterall...."

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Anonymous said...

Ooooohhhh thanks! Now I'll have that song going through my head all night as I sit & write!! Mr. Incredible sadi it took a full three weeks for him to lose it after a trip to see the Mouse.

I'm so excited about your travel dates and all of the connections! How fun to have people to travel with - since we all can't go along! Oh and kudos on the travel miles thing!! Just in the nck of time!