Wednesday, April 04, 2007

What Will The Day Bring?

The latest batch of referrals should be coming out any day now. The families who are waiting are on pins and needles, as we were last month, waiting for any word that the stork is on its way. I wouldn't be surprised if they came on Monday, but hey, there is hope that they could come this week. If I were waiting, I wouldn't give up on that hope.

As someone who received my referral last month, not only am I ready to see the cute faces of this month's referrals, but I also know that when referrals arrive, TAs are not far behind.

Some families who received their referral when we did have already received TA, but they are few and far between. Last month our agency's TAs came a few days after referrals arrived, so I'm just going to go with that expectation this month. One family who has received TA will be traveling May 10, another will be traveling May 3 with Gotcha Day on the 7th. I'm pretty much hoping for this time table, personally. Go figure.

There is a government holiday the first week of May, but the first 3 or so days we are in China, we won't have any government appointments, so maybe we can be there waiting when government offices reopen. Just a thought. Of course, the best scenario would be getting the 21 or 28 day advance notice we need to be able to use our air miles or credit card points. I've really been working very hard to rack up those credit card points. I'd hate to not use them :)

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