Thursday, April 12, 2007


If you find yourself with a lot of time on your hands, this website is chock full of people who are at different stages of the adoption process. There are people who are in China now, people who will be going to China soon, people who are back, and people who are still waiting, and waiting, and....

I've moved things around over in the right hand column. I've kind of collected, over the past few days, the sites of those people who are with our agency and are traveling at the same time we are. Some of them will be going to the same province that we are. Some are people I've gotten to know, in a cyber kind of way, over the last 2 years. Some I've only just met, again in a cyber kind of way.

It is just mind blowing that we are going to the other side of the planet to bring home our child, as each of these families are, and we will be taking part in such a intense experience with these families. I feel like I know them. But I've never actually met them. I will be sharing in this experience with them and it will bond us for life. Our lives will always be connected.

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ElastiGirl said...

Are you going to wax into the thin red string thing now? It would be an appropriate time!! I think it's so cool that you have found each other & can "get to know each other" before you are all thrown into an incredibly stressful yet meaningful few weeks together.