Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Baby Pictures Are Arriving

Referrals are coming in for this month's referrals. The official cut-off date is still not clear. September 27, 2005 LIDs are included, but September 29 LIDs are not. Not sure about September 28.

A lot of people are upset that the CCAA didn't cover more LIDs, but hey, I'm just excited they made it almost to the end of September. The covered about 20 days. It seems like it's been a while since they covered that much time.

Here are some links to people "expecting" in the current batch of referrrals:

Sink or Swim
My baby Ava
An Invisible Thread
Waiting for Emma
Our Journey to Margaret
Miah Miah Miah
Our Family Journal
Our Journey to Marlee
Adopting Mia
Goliath Family
Our Journey to Mylia
Journey to Grace
Journey to Elizabeth

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