Thursday, January 18, 2007

No News Is...Uh, No News

Well, it's that time of the month. That quiet time right smack in the middle of referral batches where no one has heard anything.

This week has really been an odd one. Monday, P didn't have school because of the holiday (not to mention hazardous roads conditions). She went to school Tuesday. Then, no school again Wednesday, this time JUST for the ice on the roads. Today is Thursday. P went to school. I was going to IKEA with S. After doing carline at P's school, I called S - she and her chilluns are sick. No IKEA. So, home again home again. What shall I do with all this alone time?

Nothing. P's teacher called around 10:15 and said P wasn't her usual self. So, P's at home. Again. Today. She's disappointed because she was supposed to go to a friend's house after school and now that isn't going to happen. I'm trying to force her to rest. She really doesn't seem that bad.

Anyhoo, there is nothing to report on the referral front - although I DID have a dream the other night that Homeland Security asked us for a monthly income sheet in order to process our documents. That's not actually something they need in the real world. I guess I just need a little worry. The thing is that I keep thinking we really will be in the March referral batch. That will make everything a little less stressful on the form processing front. If we're in the February batch, I may stress about when our new form will arrive. See, the US Consulate in China is now requiring agencies to verify parents' expiration dates for their I171H AND their fingerprints. We won't have that information until we receive the new form. I just don't even want to worry about whether we'll have that info when needed by the Consulate.

Here's an idea: I just won't worry. (HA) What has worrying gotten me in the past? Nowhere.

NO Worries Here... That's me!


Colleen said...

Have you done your fingerprints and you are just waiting to send in the I600A? I am so glad that we jumped in and got this done early because I would have so stressed about it.

I'm thinking March...perhaps April even tho I really really want March!

Lineberry said...

We re-did our fingerprints in Sept, because they expired in Sept.

Then, we sent in a new I600A 12/27/05 and received a fingerprint appointment letter generated by filing that I600A. So we went ahead and got re-fingerprinted AGAIN in response to that appointment letter. So, now CIS has everything and should be processing our I600A. :)